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Updated: Feb 8

Truth - Transformational Distinctions

In the Gratitude Context, we consider truth a multidimensional concept that extends beyond the dictionary's simple notion of “that which is true in accordance with the facts or reality.” The pursuit of truth in this context involves understanding and accepting three distinct perspectives on truth: “My truth,” “Our truth,” and “The Truth.”

Since humans tend to collapse facts with interpretations, we create our own unique and separate realities mainly shaped by our beliefs and perspectives. This subjective reality can lead to division and conflict, especially if we become righteous about our truth being the ultimate Truth (with a capital ’T’).

By distinguishing truth into three domains, we can begin to emphasize the importance of respecting diverse truths while also seeking to uncover universal truths that can transcend the subjective nature of our individual and collective realities.

First, there is “my truth,” which is deeply personal and shaped by our individual beliefs, experiences, and perceptions. This subjective truth creates our unique reality. Secondly, there is “our truth,” which transcends our individual perspectives and includes shared beliefs within groups, communities, and societies. These collective truths shape a community’s reality and often form the basis for social norms and values. Lastly, there is “The Truth,” representing objective, universally valid Truths that are consistent and unchanging across all individuals and cultures. These Truths serve as a foundation for understanding fundamental aspects of reality that apply to everyone.

Recognizing these three distinct perspectives on truth empowers us to navigate the complexities of our personal truths, the shared truths of our communities, and the pursuit of universal Truth. This fosters personal growth and a deeper understanding of the diverse realities we encounter in our world, highlighting the importance of respecting and appreciating the subjective truths of others while seeking universal truths that can enrich our collective human experience.

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Everythhing we see is a perspective. Not the Truth.

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