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Updated: Apr 10

Gratitude Context - Transformational Distinctions

The Gratitude Context, coined by Jo Englesson, the founder of GRATITUDE, is a distinct context that encompasses the well-known Transformational Context. It serves as both a context and a state of being, allowing for the existence of pre-existing transformational distinctions while also enabling expansion and the creation of new perspectives.

DISTINCT transformational dictionary and content offered by GRATITUDE often utilize the term "Gratitude Context" to refer to the collective body of work by past thought leaders in the field of transformation, as well as Jo Englesson and GRATITUDE's unique distinctions, perspectives, and tools.

It is worth noting that the specific details and interpretations of any context may vary as different thought leaders emphasize certain aspects or approaches. Thus, attempting to define any context, including the Gratitude Context, can be challenging as it relies on the interpretations and perspectives of the listener and speaker. Nonetheless, the overarching goal, regardless of the speaker of such context, remains consistent: to facilitate personal and collective transformation, fostering greater self-awareness, well-being, and spiritual evolution.

The Gratitude Context distinctly places a foundational focus on Gratitude, Forgiveness, Joy, Love, and Community, with the ultimate declaration and commitment to create Peace on the planet. And just like in any transformational context, it emphasizes the potential for individuals to surpass their limitations, transform their lives, and awaken to elevated states of being. It acknowledges the inherent capacity of human beings to evolve not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The Gratitude Context serves as a guiding framework through which individuals can embark on their personal development journeys and actively engage with the world. Jo Englesson, from the Gratitude Context, asserts that when we choose to live transformation in this way, Peace is inevitable.

Within Gratitude lies profound access to transformation - Jo Englesson quote

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