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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Surrender - Transformational Distinctions

Surrender, in a transformational context, refers to the intentional act of accepting 'what is' without resistance, judgment, or attachment. It is a profound act of trust and openness that unlocks our ability to create miracles and manifest 'what isn't.'

Unlike the Drift's notion of surrender as giving up, tolerating, or resigning, surrender in this context is about completely letting go of resistance and attachment to how we think things should be so that we can access the power and freedom that lies within acceptance to manifest the outcome we desire.

In transformational trainings, this often involves surrendering to our commitments and vision, as well as to the journey and its results along the way. When we fully surrender to our heartfelt desires, we cultivate a mindset that is committed to the result but not attached to the outcome or the mechanism (means of achievement). This is how we can gracefully adapt to the unpredictable nature of life’s journey. This state of surrender enables us to tap into the natural flow of life and enter a powerful state of presence, often referred to as "the zone." In this state, we effortlessly manifest our declarations and create the results we intend.

Surrender Quote by Jo Englesson

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