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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Resistance - Transformational Distinction

Resistance is a way of being that is characterized by an unwillingness to accept the present reality, or "what is." It is a state of mind that keeps things in place, primarily due to the focus and attention that we tend to give to that which we resist.

Transformational trainings like [re] WIRED for Peace emphasizes that resistance is a barrier to personal growth and development. When we resist, we limit our ability to learn and adapt to new situations, and we become closed off to opportunities, 'stuck', and righteous.

By recognizing and releasing our resistance, surrendering to what is, and finding gratitude for everything, we can begin to see things from a different perspective, open ourselves up to new possibilities, and move forward in a more effective and fulfilling way.

In essence, resistance is a form of self-imposed limitation that hinders our ability to transform ourselves and our lives. Through awareness, gratitude, and a willingness to surrender, we can break free from this limiting pattern and create a more open-minded, peaceful, and empowering way of being.

Resistance - what you resist persists

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