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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Commitment - Transformational Distinctions

Commitment is the unwavering dedication, focused attention, and consistent action towards a goal, vision, or cause. It is a state of being fully invested and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

In a transformational context, a distinction is made between conscious and unconscious commitments. Conscious commitments are made from our deliberate choices and intentions, while unconscious commitments originate from our survival context (often to validate limiting beliefs) and are automatic. Similar to the dedication involved in our conscious commitments, these unconscious commitments also drive us to go to any lengths to satisfy our need to be right, gain approval, maintain control, or stay safe.

By intentionally interrupting and bringing awareness to these unconscious commitments, we begin to recognize what we make more important than staying true to ourselves, our values, and fulfilling our conscious commitments.

In transformational trainings such as [re] WIRED for Peace, the interruption of unconscious commitments lies at the core of the profound power and transformative impact these trainings have.

Commitment transforms us by uncovering hidden drivers, freeing us to align with our authentic self and our vision. Jo Englesson

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