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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Vision - Transformational Distinctions

In a transformational context, vision is a profound declaration for one's life without evidence of its attainability. Vision is a deeply authentic, engaging, and enrolling statement of what we envision for ourselves and the world.

When our vision aligns with our purpose, it becomes a powerful channel for self-expression. It inspires us to transform and reinvent ourselves, becoming the originators of the reality we desire. It is not just a dream or something we hope for; rather, it's a stance of responsibility. When we approach our vision from a place of 'If it's to be, it's up to me,' we live into it and thereby sponsor the future manifestation of our life.

Distinct from vision, goals are more like action items and benchmarks toward our greater vision. For instance, if your vision is to be in integrity, your goals on the way toward that vision could be to pay your bills on time. Goals serve as milestones towards our vision, but without a compelling vision, they may lack deeper understanding and inspiration. A clear vision is essential for success as it provides the 'why' behind our goals and actions.

My vision dictates my way of being and my actions

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