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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Intention - Transformational Distinctions

Intention can be defined as "the purpose with which I do things." It encompasses the underlying motivation, passion, and determination that drive our actions towards achieving desired outcomes.

Our intentions, whether conscious or unconscious, have a profound impact on our level of awareness and affect our actions and results. Unconscious intentions often arise from the survival context and generate survival strategies, often undermining or sabotaging our conscious intentions.

Conscious intention goes beyond mere wishes or wants. It is a powerful energetic force that, when directed, engages the support of the Universe to manifest our desires. This collaboration with the Universe sets in motion a co-creative process, wherein our intentions act as catalysts for realizing our dreams. High levels of intention lead to heightened awareness, performance, and effectiveness.

Therefore, intention can be perceived as both a conscious decision to act with purpose and a profound connection to a higher power. It involves inviting the unknown into the known, tapping into our purpose on Earth, and accessing a state of flow where deliberate creation becomes possible. Intention transcends the limitations of the mind, calling upon the universe to conspire with us in manifesting our desires. Mastering intention presents us with an opportunity to manifest the life we envision and work in harmony with the energies of the Universe.

In a transformational context, intention and commitment are closely related, as both involve aligning our actions with purpose and resolve.

Conscious Intentions Heightens Awareness, Creating a WIN-WIN - Jo Englesson

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