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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Distinction Create in a Transformational Context

To create is to generate, invent, or bring into existence something new or original. To be source and generate something from nothing through our speaking (use of language, ways of being, and actions). Creation involves using language to make a declaration of a new possibility, and then living into it, allowing it to reshape ourselves to become the context, or environment, where that new possibility can exist.

Distinct from manifesting, which illuminates that which already is, binging it forth from the background to the foreground, the act of creating generates or invents something that did not previously exist.

In the [re] WIRED for Peace training, we distinguish Change vs Create to highlight the importance of language and how language is a tool, or a technology, that creates our reality. When we want to change something, we are limited by evidence from the past or comparison. Creation, on the other hand, is using language to declare new possibilities that invent and shape our future.

Create - Declare a new possibility

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