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Register Token

Please Read before registering your Token

  1. In order to accurately place your icon, enter your street address (for privacy do not enter your street or apt. number)

  2. Make sure to specify if you are a giver, or receiver

  3. Add your story to the token journey


You may enter limited location information, however the City and state(or Country) that you gave or received the token is always required for the system to work.

When you register new tokens - here or on the public site - your token will automatically be added to your member page under "My Tokens" as long as you register using the SAME e-mail address that you set up your Traveller Account with.

Your Credentials

Profile Information

Short Bio

Token Moment

Your Token number is on the front of the coin.

To prevent spam, please enter the code engraved on the edge of the Token. It is a letter followed by a digit. If you can't read it, simply enter X9 and we will verify your entry manually.

Registration Option
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