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The Pandemic isn’t over just because you’re over it...

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Today marks a huge milestone in Gratitude Training’s history. 10 years ago today, the first 24 students walked in to the very first Part 1, which became ML1 where 8 beautiful souls graduated. Troy, Casandra , Michelle, Chris, Diane (RIP), Carol, Karen, and John - a small yet essential team of givers, playing their hearts out to create the extraordinary: A transformed world now! They accepted the challenge and aligned with the vision of the simple, yet complex, notion of creating the 2% - and as a result, mass awakening.

I was lit up. Excited to create this movement. And, together with Francine Rahe, we spent endless nights planning and creating what felt like the biggest most exciting undertaking ever. Every day there was a new challenge, brought forth with endless least through our lenses. We were an awesome team. I had the business and branding savvy, and she had the resilience and a deep knowledge of the distinctions of transformational trainings.

The company and the community grew so fast it was difficult to keep up. People’s lives were saved, trainers were groomed, a space to be in selfless service was created. Personally, and I think I can speak for Francine too, we kept saying “Yes” to everything. Being creators at heart, we designed new workshops, new avenues and curriculums to awaken humanity.

Today, I’m sad. I am not sad because of the past, simply sad because we are amid a pandemic and economic recession bordering on depression. I am left with 15,000 sf of space, yet alone, with no trainers, no students, no business, no employees.

Yet…I am hopeful. This overdue pause of re-evaluating and re-imagining how my vision gets to manifest in the future – in whatever form is demanded of me and Gratitude – is exciting. I am a creator at heart, a visionary, a long-distance runner. I am doing the work: asking myself, what worked, what didn’t, and applying all the tools and distinctions to create what I am committed to – JOY and GRATITUDE and, of course, PEACE IN MY LIFETIME. I have been blessed with amazing students in my virtual curriculum where Creative Peacemakers are created, having me go to bed every night knowing that I am still making a ripple of peace in this world that seem so stark at this brief moment of “time.”

For the first time in a long time, I am enjoying spending time at home, teaching, playing with the kids, date nights with Arian, TikTok-ing and creating new avenues for people to awaken. And while I still care deeply what you all think of me, I have let go of trying to please everyone, and am focusing on filling my cup up again, simply to allow the next chapter to unfold.

And, it will be magnificent. I can’t wait to share the rebranding, restructuring and the new avenues of awakening that are in the works. But not quite yet…you know me…I want everything to be in excellence and magnificent…and so it is…because I say so…

Moreover, personally, I am enjoying teaching again: facilitating, influencing and inspiring individuals to “move,” to transform, to awaken to who they are.

I am also enjoying being a student again. I am currently in a course focusing on my ‘Big Why’: why it’s important to me that all beings get to wake up with a sense of purpose, a desire to contribute to humanity, and with joy and ease.

So with that said...Happy Anniversary! See you on the other side!

PS. I am including a few images to tease you with regards to the branding :)

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