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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Stand vs Position - Transformational Distinctions

A stand is a deep-rooted, core belief based on character and authenticity. It transcends external opinions, guiding our actions and choices, while remaining steadfast and unswayed by outside forces. A stand transcends simple arguments or opinions and comes from deep within. Because it is a reaction to nothing, nothing can react to it. A true stand based on character and deep belief is so honorable that whether we agree with the stand or not, we can’t help but respect it. Stand-takers derive their power not from authority, influence, or logic, but from pure authenticity.

Distinct from a stand, a position is an opinion, an item of debate, and a battle in the making and is often rooted in a specific context or circumstance. Positions often arise in situations where there are conflicting interests, beliefs, or perspectives and where being right is more important than finding common ground. They are often taken in opposition to something else and are often a form of resistance or defense of a fixed belief.

While both stands and positions can be expressed in public forums, the difference lies in the source and nature of the belief or viewpoint being expressed. A stand is deeply rooted in our personal values and principles, requiring us to be true to ourselves and our core convictions. It represents an unwavering commitment to a cause or vision. On the other hand, a position is often influenced by external factors and may not necessarily reflect our fundamental beliefs or values.

We live in the greatest age of opportunity and challenge that the world has ever known. Positions will not guide us successfully into the future; however, if we all take an honest stand for what really matters, we have the potential to transform lives and shape history.

What do you stand for

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