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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Fixed Reality - Transformational Distinction

The notion of fixed reality suggest that human beings have a limited perspective of the world, and can only perceive things that fit within their existing framework or "box”. When human beings live in a fixed reality, it closes off possibility to evolve, transform, or reinvent themselves, resulting in a predictable and sometimes predetermined future.

In a transformational context, and in the training [re] WIRED for Peace, we assert and think of human beings as ‘evolving possibilities’ that can transcend their ‘fixed reality.’ Making this distinction between 'fixed reality' and 'evolving possibility', and examining the prices and payoffs of choosing each perspective, is an effective way for us to become active participants in generating an unprecedented future.

By declaring a new possibility and living into it, individuals can break free from their fixed reality by being open to, and embracing, new possibilities and developing new ways of thinking and being.

A human being ceases to be a fixed reality the moment a human being declares a new possibility and lives into it.

Fixed Reality - Transformational Distinction

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