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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Neutral - Transformational Distinction

Being neutral involves seeing things as they are, without imposing our own interpretations, biases or judgments onto them.

It requires a willingness to suspend our own beliefs and preferences so that we can see things more objectively and approach each situation fully present and open to whatever arises.

When you are neutral, without any positive or negative charge, and free from any distortions that arise from interpreting events through your personal lens, you open yourself up to a multitude of interpretations and endless possibilities. This is where "empowered choice" exists: the ability to choose based on your commitments and vision, rather than letting your automatic reactions and limiting beliefs from the past make the choices for you.

To ensure the success of transformational trainings, both the trainer and the training itself must strive to generate a neutral environment as experienced by the participants. This will allow students to explore distinctions and observe their thought patterns, without any biases or judgements, allowing for the creation of new perspectives and choices.

Neutral Quote Jo Englesson

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