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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

More, Better, Different Transformational Distinction

In a transformational context, the distinction 'More/Better/Different' refers to the idea of constantly striving for improvement and change.

When I say I want to change something, I'm really implying, often times unconsciously, that I want that thing to be more (or less), better or different, leaving me in a state of resistance to what is…and what we resist, persists…keeping the very thing I want to change where it is, as it is. This creates a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction with life and a resistance to the present moment.

When we recognize and break free from the limitations of this ‘More/Better/Different’ context and instead cultivate a mindset of gratitude, surrender, and acceptance for what is, we experience a deeper appreciation for the present moment and a greater sense of fulfillment, without the constant pressure to strive for something 'more', 'better', or 'different'.

While 'More/Better/Different' can be interpreted as a starting point for change, it must be coupled with surrender and acceptance of 'what is' in order for us to create, declare and live into an unprecedented future.

Acceptance of What Is

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