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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Ground Rules - Transformational Distinctions

Ground Rules, in the context of transformational trainings such as [re] WIRED for Peace, refer to a set of agreements established with participants to create a specific environment that facilitates personal growth and breakthroughs. They serve as guidelines and are distinct in their application as a tool to enhance accountability, trust, and self-awareness.

During the training, participants must give their word to uphold specific ground rules. Throughout the program, they are presented with opportunities to assess their adherence to these rules. If they find themselves not staying true to their word, this introspection enables them to recognize, confront, and effectively address the survival strategies (from the survival context) and other considerations that dictate their lives. By using integrity as a self-awareness tool, they can get clear on their authentic commitments and unlock their heartfelt desires and goals, not only within the training but also in their lives.

In this context, ground rules also serve as a reflection of how we interact with other agreements, drawing attention to the societal and personal rules and laws we may or may not adhere to in our lives. This concept aligns with the notion that our approach to one aspect of life mirrors our overall approach, as exemplified by the saying, 'the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.'

By embracing Ground Rules distinct in this way and in our lives, we can foster personal growth, enhance accountability, and gain insight into how we navigate and engage with the relationships and structures that shape our experiences.

Life is a game - quote by Jo Englesson

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