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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Clearing - Transformational Distinctions

A clearing refers to a transformative process of creating a space free from preconceived notions, beliefs, and judgments. It involves letting go of existing thoughts, opinions, decisions, assessments, and assumptions to open up possibilities for new insights and breakthroughs within that same space.

To create a clearing, we must be willing to examine and release the limitations and constraints imposed by our past experiences and conditioning. By letting go of these preexisting beliefs and assumptions, we can access a state of openness and acceptance, allowing for the emergence of new perspectives and innovative ideas.

In a clearing, we are brought back to a state of "nothing," representing a blank slate where new possibilities can arise. This state of nothingness is not a void or absence but rather a space of openness and potential. From this new space, we can generate fresh insights, make empowered choices, and take purposeful actions towards our goals and visions.

Being a clearing oneself is essential when generating a clearing for others. It means that the individual who intends the clearing for another must also let go of their own biases, judgments, and fixed viewpoints. By embodying a state of "nothingness," free from preconceived notions, we can create a space for others to explore their own thoughts and experiences without influence or interference.

Focus on clearing out what is between you and aliveness

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