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Updated: Jan 2

Choice - Transformational Distinctions

In a transformational context, choice is a fundamental aspect of our existence, independent of the options or alternatives available to us. When presented with options, we are not truly choosing but rather making decisions by selecting one over the others. When we face no choice or only one option, consciously choosing it holds hidden power, even if it may seem to others that we had no alternative. We simply choose for the sake of choosing.

Choosing for the sake of choosing requires awareness that we are the chooser making the choices. It is the "I" making choices for "me," arising from intention and nothingness. It just is. Consider the distinction between "I am brushing my teeth," which could be on autopilot or fear-driven, and "I am choosing to brush my teeth," which empowers us to take full responsibility for our existence, moment by moment.

The essence of choice lies in recognizing that we are always at choice and choosing. Even when alternatives or options aren't apparent, we can simply choose "what's so" or what's in front of us. This perspective embodies a heightened sense of responsibility. We can be accountable for our past, responsible for our future, and acknowledge that we choose it all. Choice is not only a fundamental aspect of our existence but also an act of creation.

When we allow limiting beliefs to drive our choices, we give up our power to create. Authentic choice emerges when we are conscious of our automatic thought patterns and actions. In transformational trainings like [re] WIRED for Peace, participants are encouraged to choose based on 'no-thing,' shifting from "freedom of choice" to "freedom in choice." Existing options may still influence their choices, but it is no longer the sole determinant of their choice. We also assert that no choice is inherently wrong; choices are neutral. By continuously choosing and taking responsibility for our choices, we unlock new possibilities to create from authorship and power.

As human beings, we possess the gift of free choice. Choice, as distinct here, operates constantly, much like breathing—it happens naturally. Therefore, our true power does not lie in the act of choosing itself, but rather in what we choose and how we go about it.

I breathe, therefore I Choose - Jo Englesson Quote

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