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Updated: Mar 26

Assumptions are ideas or beliefs that we take to be true without necessarily having conclusive evidence to support them. These assumptions often function as the underlying framework that shapes our interpretations, judgments, character and our actions. In transformational trainings, assumptions are the unconscious and often unexamined beliefs that shape our perception of reality and influence our behavior.

Assumptions can be either limiting or empowering, depending on their effectiveness and accuracy in a given situation. Limiting assumptions limit our thinking and behavior, preventing us from seeing new possibilities or achieving our goals. Empowering assumptions, on the other hand, are those that expand our thinking and enable us to take actions that we might not have previously considered.

In the context of transformation the purpose is to uncover and redesign the underlying assumptions out of which you live your life such that you experience a profound shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others, empowering you to fully engage your heartfelt commitments with freedom and passion.

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