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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Word - Transformational Distinctions

"Word" represents the creative power of language and the integrity and effectiveness that arise from aligning our words with actions. The concept of "word" has two distinct aspects: "The Word" and "My Word."

"The Word" refers to the words that human beings speak, think, and write. It is the language we use to create, generate, and manifest our reality. When we use language, our words have the power to shape our experience of, and in, the world. Language can be used to generate new possibilities and outcomes or simply describe our existing reality. Mastery, in this context, is understanding the creative potential of the word. By speaking with clarity and intention, we can bring forth what we say, effectively generating our declared future. The power of "the word" lies in its ability to manifest our intentions and shape our experience.

"My Word" refers to the integrity and honor that we generate through being our word. When we say we will be or do something and then follow through with action, we demonstrate integrity. By consistently aligning our words and actions, we create trust and credibility. Mastery is understanding the importance of honoring our word with a commitment to be congruent in all aspects of our life. It's allowing our "word" to design or redesign ourselves, ensuring that our actions are in alignment with our promises and commitments.

In the transformational training, [re]WIRED for Peace, keeping or honoring "my word" is emphasized as the number one way to be effective in life. By maintaining integrity and consistently fulfilling our commitments and keeping our promises, we establish a foundation of trust and reliability, and can successfully achieve our goals.

In the beginning was the word

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